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‘remarkable’ oil and gas industry!

It has been a long time since I have heard a politician no matter what their political hue describe the oil and gas industry as ‘remarkable’. So three cheers to George Osborn (Britain’s Economics Minister) for recognising the essential nature of the fossil fuel industry to keeping the lights on and industry rolling. And while other European nations are banning the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing to increase gas production, Osborn is giving $0.75 Billion in tax breaks to the gas industry to make Britain a “gas hub”.

While France in the 1970’s saw nuclear as their path to energy independence perhaps the UK will do the same with gas. For a moment there I thought they were going to do that by building 6,000 offshore wind turbines. But that would be utterly stupid – wouldn’t it?

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Drought and Greenhouse Effect – Can’t occupy the same space!

Global cooling in historic times has brought on periods of drought. Empirical data from ice cores, lake sediments and seabed mud cores show conclusively that a warmer world is wetter and more fertile while a colder world is dryer, stormier and less beneficial to wildlife. So the wild fires and heat wave in the US are proof (if they are proof of anything) that the earth is not warming.

The, so called, Greenhouse Effect (the nature of which I am very sceptical) needs water vapour. Droughts are a lack of water vapour. The warmists can’t have it both ways.

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Ethanol from Corn – The NYT gets in on the act!

I read this article with some surprise. The New York Times is usually a strict adherent to the Manmade Global Warming mantra and anything that promotes the tenets of renewables and sustainability. They break faith here with the normal approach of blind sacrifice on the altar of anti-fossil fuel.

Could it be that some sense is creeping in to the tents of the warmist religious – nice fantasy, but probably not.