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IPCC Models predict the exact opposite of what actually happens. No surprise there then.

“the IPCC argues that feedbacks from increased water evaporation will lead to enhanced warming. This is not observed in those regions most effected by water vapour. In fact the opposite seems to be the case implying negative feedback.”

Clive Best – Physicist



More Voodoo Science Dr. Pachauri?

Data examining six regions in the Karakoram mountains in the western Himalayas, which contains 7,700 square miles (nearly 20,000 square kilometers) of glaciers, revealed more than half of them are either stable or have been advancing in recent years.

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An increase in CO2 warms the Earth or a warmer Earth releases CO2? You choose.

The reason that global CO2 levels rise and fall in response to the global temperature is because cold water is capable of retaining more CO2 than warm water. That is why carbonated beverages loose their carbonation, or CO2, when stored in a warm environment. We store our carbonated soft drinks, wine, and beer in a cool place to prevent them from loosing their ‘fizz’, which is a feature of their carbonation, or CO2 content. The earth is currently warming as a result of the natural Ice Age cycle, and as the oceans get warmer, they release increasing amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Because the release of CO2 by the warming oceans lags behind the changes in the earth’s temperature, we should expect to see global CO2 levels continue to rise for another eight hundred years after the end of the earth’s current Interglacial warm period. We should already be eight hundred years into the coming Ice Age before global CO2 levels begin to drop in response to the increased chilling of the world’s oceans.


Solar Trust goes bust

When US Energy Secretary Steven Chu gave Solar Trust (a solar energy company) a $2.1 billion conditional loan guarantee, he boasted that it would prove that ‘when we rev up the great American innovation machine, we can out-compete any other nation’. Does the demise of Solar Trust then prove that America can’t? Let’s hope not.