Sea levels fall – It’s official. But don’t get too excited.

Sea levels have been rising inexorably since the end of the last Ice age about 10,000 years ago. We are currently in an interglacial period which will end in the not too distant future (in geological terms that is). We have also just exited a warm century – the 20th – in fact it is the only century that has passed since the end of the little ice age (approximately 1300AD to 1850AD) so one would expect it to have been warmer than the 8 cold centuries that preceded it. So far the 21st century has been slightly cooler than the 20th– on average – though the sea level fall reported by NASA may only be temporary.

This article makes it clear that this temporary fall is due to short term weather cycles specifically a switch from El Nino to La Nina conditions. But could there be other factors? The Antarctic ice cap is thickening which (unlike the record sea ice levels in Antarctica) means there is less water going into the oceans and is not a temporary effect. Either way we are not looking at beach front property disappearing under the type of sea rises predicted by Al Gore (or any of his alarmist chums) in the near future.

Falling sea levels, record sea ice levels (Antarctic only), falling temperatures, record low levels of hurricanes, flooding – it would appear that the 21st Century is becoming rather inconvenient for  the global warming industry.


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