Global Warming. What Global Warming?

Professor Phil Jones  – keeper of the world’s temperature, darling of the environmental movement, centre of the Climategate scandal, well, he has slipped some interesting figures onto the internet in the last week, very quietly, hoping no one will notice. Yes its official, from the Hadley CRU (via the British Meteorological office) which has been stoking the fires of Global warming hysteria these past few decades – Global Warming has stopped!

For 16 years now the World’s average temperature has remained static at 14.5 deg. C. Now I am not one to be too impressed by an average world temperature as it so happens. I think that an average world temperature is about as useful as an average of the numbers in a telephone book. I am also highly sceptical of the accuracy of the current temperature record. But that aside, for the shock troops of the army of Global Warming alarmism to admit that, even by their own biased figures, the World has not warmed in the last 16 years – hells bells this is some admission.

This disclosure has huge ramifications for people who are making claims about the effect on our environment of Global Warming. If Global Warming is not taking place, what credibility does that give to the research and claims that these individuals and organisations are making?

Now Phil Jones has qualified these inconvenient results. He points out that despite the temperature ‘pause’ that he believes that this decade will end up significantly warmer than the previous two.

Now let’s analyse this particular piece of double speak:

If I was driving a car at 30 miles an hour for one mile, then 50 miles an hour for a second mile and 60 miles an hour for a further half a mile and then told you that if I continue at 60 miles an hour for another half mile that the third mile would be travelled at a significantly higher speed than the previous two miles, would you be surprised? No of course you wouldn’t, in fact you would probably think I was treating you like an idiot for stating the obvious. Well, this is exactly what Jones has done. He has stated the obvious, but he has also been economical with the truth, because he, like the rest of his cadre, have been projecting a linear increase in the average world temperature in line with the (strangely) linear increase in the CO2 content of the atmosphere. His computer models (call them guesses) are shown to be wrong based on these latest figures.

Why is the north polar ice melting – well clearly it has nothing to do with Global warming.

Why is the south polar sea ice increasing – well nothing to do with Global warming, and so on and so on.  What will it take to put the brakes on this runaway trillion dollar global industry?

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