Global Warming Warning – From ‘New Scientist’

At 09.47 GMT this morning I received a ‘Global warming warning’ from New Scientist Weekly – I kid you not! With some trepidation I opened the e-mail to discover that ‘Five years ago, we were warned that the climate change outlook was bad. In this week’s cover feature, read the seven reasons why it’s even worse that we thoughtsic

I read a blog yesterday that expressed surprise that there was so little Global Warming Alarmism coming up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP18. Well better late than never. It always amazes me that the alarmists trot out the same old line – ‘it’s even worse than we thought’ but in their hurry to sound the alarm they couldn’t even get that right. (Spot the typo?)

So let’s go through the list – for the Nth time;

Arctic warming – ‘…If current trends continue…’ but they don’t the Earth’s climate runs in cycles.

Extreme Weather –‘…it’s becoming more extreme than anyone predicted..’ no it’s not. Tornado and Hurricane activity is declining. Even the IPCC have said that extreme weather events are nothing to do with Global Warming.

Food Production – ‘…food prices are soaring as the effects of extreme weather kick in.’ Please see previous line plus of course food prices are rising ‘cause the US is turning its corn into fuel. (See previous posts)

Sea Level – ‘Greenland’s rapid loss of ice mean we’re in for a rise of at least 1 metre by 2100, and possibly much more’ That Chestnut. Last year the world’s sea levels actually fell by 5mm. (See previous posts)

Planetary Feedbacks – ‘The planet currently absorbs half our CO2 emissions. All the signs are it won’t for much longer’. And what signs would those be?

This is tedious. Clearly the article is meant for the Global Warming Faithful and those yet to be converted.


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A Sixty Something with a science/engineering background. Hates junk science and scaremongering self-appointed experts. Seeks error in everything. A staunch defender of the 'Scientific Method'. Author of 'To Kill an Error' a novel approach to Global Warming Scepticism. View all posts by The Septic Sceptic

2 responses to “Global Warming Warning – From ‘New Scientist’

  • Man with functioning brain

    I’ve just read through your blog here, and wow are you certain that global warming isn’t an issue. Now i am just a simple man, but i’m smart enough to know that marriage counsellors aren’t privee to the latest scientific facts. So, i suggest you get off your high horse and stop saying thousands of independent scientists’ research is “false science”.

    • The Septic Sceptic

      Dear Man with functioning brain. Thank you for taking the time to research my background before responding to my blog. I am disappointed however that having invested so much energy all you could come up with was a cheap ad homonym attack and an appeal to authority. It has been my experience over the years that believers in human caused global warming would sooner attack the messenger rather than address the issues. You, it would appear, fit into this category. Science is not about belief – that is theology – it is about the search for error. Anyone who is not sceptical of a new theory, whatever it may be, is not a scientist. When the man at the head of the great global warming propaganda machine Rajendra Pachauri (Chair of the IPCC) responds to scepticism of the IPPC stance on Himalayan glacial melt by declaring that the messenger was using Voodoo science we have a problem. Particularly when Dr. Pachauri then had to retract his ‘cheap ad homonym attack’ when it became clear that it was the IPCC that was in error with its figures by a factor of 10. How can I not cry ‘false science’ when I see it. If not me then who- certainly not you – you are a believer.

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