BBC’s Lost Credibility – Part Two

In July I bemoaned the lost credibility of the BBC in relation to its reporting on Global Warming. I concluded the blog with the question “If we can’t believe them on this, then why should we believe them on anything?” It would appear, in light of the recent resignation of their Director General over false reporting, that I am not the only one who thinks the veracity of the entire organisation should be called into question. Add to this the debacle that is the Jimmy Saville paedophile saga and serious questions need to be asked about how the BBC conduct themselves when it comes to editorial bias.

But it’s not all bad news for the BBC. They have recently won a court battle that allows them to keep secret from the public the basis on which they openly declare that they are within their rights to present a biased presentation of global warming. In Early 2006 the BBC held a seminar to which they invited 28 environmental grandees. It is their contention that the collective evidence of these experts convinced them that ‘the science is settled’ with regard to Global warming and that from then on they would mainly promote the global warming alarmist point of view.

What is curious about this court case is – what are the BBC afraid of? Why would they want to keep the names of these 28 specialist secret? Surely they would want to shout their names from the roof tops to cement the credibility of their decision of bias. We can assume that the reason for not wanting to give the names is that once again the BBC’s credibility would be found  wanting. I can conclude from the BBC’s obstructive behaviour that most, if not all, of these 28 are political activists and self-proclaimed Climate Change experts. And you know what I think of Climate Change Experts – there is no such thing.

I have no doubt, in time, that the names will become known. Until then the BBC will keep digging themselves into an even bigger hole on this and others issues.

When the BBC speaks – Don’t You Believe Them!

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