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BBC Bars Climate Debate

In February 2014 Alasdair MacLeod – head of editorial standards and compliance for BBC Scotland, sent an e-mail to BBC producers and editors which said that “we should not run debates / discussions directly between scientists and sceptics.” You would think that the BBC would be a little more circumspect with its censoring of  scientific content after the debacle that was 28Gate. There has been a degree of controversy recently over the labelling of some Global Warming Alarmists as Environmental Nazis. Is it any wonder this epithet is being bandied around when senior executives of the British state run news service are acting like Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda and censor-in-chief of the German state run news and film service. But this is all in a good cause – Hang  on where have I heard that before ah yes “Propoganda, Certainly,  Good Propaganda for a good cause”. Guess who said that.

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I am astonished at the lack of airtime given to the BBC’s 28Gate debacle. Once again Auntie has been caught peddling dubious information to the public and by the usual suspects – who have now ‘stepped aside’ for reasons other than pumping out biased reporting on Climate Science. What does it take to get the press interested in a story that contains accusations of media bias, waste of public funds and the gang of four caught up – yet again.

Come on Press Land give it some coverage. Where are you Sky News when we need you?

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BBC’s Lost Credibility – Part Three

As they say ‘A week  day is a long time in politics  the blogosphere’. On Tuesday I predicted that the failure of a court action against the BBC brought under the freedom of information act, to reveal the names of the gang of 28 grandees of Global Warming knowledge would be a short lived victory for the publicly funded corporation. Later that same day the list was released on the web by Guido Fawkes of the blogspot www.order-order.com but full honours go to Mauritzio Morabito for his impressive sleuthing.

Should the list prove to be correct (we are awaiting the BBC’s confirmation/denial with baited breath) ‘Auntie’ is going to have to clear a space on her, albumen splattered visage for even more egg. If this is what the BBC call a seminar of experts then I’m a warmist!

I have looked through the list. Where is the balance? Where is the counter argument from the sceptic side? There is none. The outcome of the seminar was preordained. The BBC picked a group of biased global warming activists so that they could justify their future bias. Their subterfuge is astounding.

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BBC’s Lost Credibility – Part Two

In July I bemoaned the lost credibility of the BBC in relation to its reporting on Global Warming. I concluded the blog with the question “If we can’t believe them on this, then why should we believe them on anything?” It would appear, in light of the recent resignation of their Director General over false reporting, that I am not the only one who thinks the veracity of the entire organisation should be called into question. Add to this the debacle that is the Jimmy Saville paedophile saga and serious questions need to be asked about how the BBC conduct themselves when it comes to editorial bias.

But it’s not all bad news for the BBC. They have recently won a court battle that allows them to keep secret from the public the basis on which they openly declare that they are within their rights to present a biased presentation of global warming. In Early 2006 the BBC held a seminar to which they invited 28 environmental grandees. It is their contention that the collective evidence of these experts convinced them that ‘the science is settled’ with regard to Global warming and that from then on they would mainly promote the global warming alarmist point of view.

What is curious about this court case is – what are the BBC afraid of? Why would they want to keep the names of these 28 specialist secret? Surely they would want to shout their names from the roof tops to cement the credibility of their decision of bias. We can assume that the reason for not wanting to give the names is that once again the BBC’s credibility would be found  wanting. I can conclude from the BBC’s obstructive behaviour that most, if not all, of these 28 are political activists and self-proclaimed Climate Change experts. And you know what I think of Climate Change Experts – there is no such thing.

I have no doubt, in time, that the names will become known. Until then the BBC will keep digging themselves into an even bigger hole on this and others issues.

When the BBC speaks – Don’t You Believe Them!

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