Victim & Darling of Global Warming

A couple of my heroes of the environment movement are the two Davids, Bellamy and Attenborough. Bellamy came late to the party and left early or should I say, was asked to leave for voicing his opinions and then sticking to them. I love them both but of late Attenborough has disappointed me. Unlike Belllamy he succumbed to the pressure of the BBC to tow the line and get with the global warming program. Can I blame him. I’d like to think in the same circumstances I would have stood up to them and said “hang the career” but who knows. Bellamy has paid the price for his obstinacy. Calling global warming “poppycock” pretty much ended his career at the Beeb and signed his own death warrant with the mainstream environmental organisations.

Read the following two articles (coincidentally published in two different papers on the same day) and muse on how differently their careers might have been had they chosen to speak out or shut up.

Bellamy article Attenborough article

PS Attenborough has gone seriously Malthusian. Another false prophet.


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