Wind Turbines through the ‘Gap of Dunloe’ – aagghh!!

On a recent trip to Kerry in Ireland I happened to stop at a beauty spot on the rim of the ‘Black Valley’. The place is called ‘Moll’s Gap’ the view across the ‘Black Valley’ is stunning, particularly on this rare occasion when there was sun and no rain! It was a walk down memory lane, across the valley I could see the ‘Gap of Dunloe’ where on my honeymoon, 35 years ago, I had travelled on horseback with my new bride (in driving rain and fog). The illusion of a pristine view was shattered when I spied 4 wind turbines through the ‘Gap’, on grabbing my binoculars my heart sank as I saw 3 more. What else is there to say. Clearly there is no view so pristine, no vista so pure that the Irish Government will not allow the wind turbine mafia despoil.

Gap op Dunloe s



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